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10 Year Warranty on new homes and 1 year on renovations
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  • Whole Home Renovation
  • 1st Floor Renovations
  • Basement Finishing


New Built Outs

  • Room Additions
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling
  • Attic & Basement Remodeling



  • Renovation Planning
  • Value engineering the project
  • Developing a realistic budget


One of the world’s oldest professions, carpentry involves working with wood to create beautiful structures that will last a lifetime. Unity General Construction LLC’s skilled carpenters can transform wood into everything from sturdy floors to cabinets.
We have been serving residents and commercial businesses with quality workmanship and luxurious solid surface and laminate custom countertop solutions for several years. Stop by our showroom, or give us a call to set up a free consultation today. You can also get in touch with us online by visiting the contact section of this page and sending us an email.
An HVAC system, short for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, is a key part of any building’s infrastructure. From office buildings to homes, how air is circulated plays a huge role in how comfortable being inside the building is.
Without a roof, no building is complete. You need a roof that is as solid as a rock, and can withstand anything that comes its way, from the sunniest days to the stormiest nights.
From the paint color to the furniture, rugs to window treatments, every choice you make for your home impacts the overall look and feel. Make sure your home reflects your style and taste by seeking the help of a professional interior decorator.

Decorating Den Interiors has been creating beautiful rooms for 25 years. Whether your style is traditional or modern, rustic or luxurious, Decorating Den’s design professionals have the experience to help you choose the products and design that suit your style and your budget.
Concrete has long since been viewed as an excellent building material. It has consistently shown to be a high quality construction material, bringing durability, affordability and versatility together into a strong, reliable material.
Electrical problems can spring up without a moment’s notice. From blown fuses to power surges, problems with your electrical system can come out of nowhere. Don’t be caught off guard—when issues come up, know who to call.
If you’re like most property owners, you don’t pay too close attention to your plumbing system. As long as it gets the job done, it’s good enough. But what happens when something goes wrong? From a clogged toilet to a leaky pipe, there’s a lot that can happen to your plumbing system.
The first thing people see when they walk past your home is the exterior. Curb appeal goes a long way towards boosting your home’s value, as well as the impression it sends to passersby, so if you’re in the market for something to elevate your home to another level, why not consider adding high quality siding?tem.
Unity General Construction LLCs craftsmanship and commitment to client satisfaction is what makes us stand out both online and in person. When it comes to building beautiful semi–custom and custom cabinets for our client’s homes and businesses, we provide unbeatable value and innovative carpentry.
When it comes to your home or office, nothing sees heavier use than the floor. The benefits of tile flooring are boundless, get inspired hard wood, laminate or engineered wood flooring. From muddy boots and soccer cleats at home, to the ever-present threat of a spilled cup of coffee at work, your floor puts up with a lot over the course of its life.
Has the paint job of your home or business seen better days? Chips, cracks and stains reduce the curb appeal of houses and offices alike, so a fresh coat of paint could be just what your home or business needs to give it the boost it needs!
One of the most important parts of any building are the windows. They let in light, and provide people with a way to observe the outdoors, and allow fresh air to enter. Windows go a long way towards increasing the amount of enjoyment you get out of a building, so having the right ones makes a big difference. Doors are an essential part of any building, so if yours is not living up to your expectations

We have over 25 years experience in the Renovation and Remodeling industry.

Unity General Construction LLC is an independent general contracting firm that not only delivers impeccable results but prioritizes its clients. Overseeing a development can take a real toll on somebody, especially if they don’t have the right general contracting team by their side.

William Reyes

Company CEO
Unity General Construction

WHO WE AREAbout Company

We Make Dreams Come Truth

Our number one priority has always been customer service. Our mission is to deliver quality services at hard to beat competitive prices. We know how difficult taking on a project can be! That is why Unity General Construction LLC strives to not only achieve your goals but also exceed your expectations as well.

Thanks to our work ethic, and loyal following throughout the many years we’ve been in business, we’ve earned ourselves a great reputation! Known for having an accomplished team who deliver exceptional results; our skillset and highly efficient crew, paired with our affordable rates are hard to beat.

All of our employees are hard workers who will take your project to heart. Unity General Construction LLC always goes out of our way and above and beyond what is required. Our goal is to be resourceful, reliable, informative and professional at all times, while providing you with impeccable results.

We have over 25 years experience in the Renovation Industry

We’ve earned ourselves a reliable reputation thanks to our exceptional results and skilled crew. Our team is built on a strong foundation that ably manages your project from start to finish!

Having an efficient and professional general contractor is crucial when it comes to dealing with tasks, foreseeing complications and preventing delays.

Unity General Construction LLC is exceptionally diligent when it comes to providing the quality care you need in order to realize your vision.

We will take care of all the major and minor issues so that you can focus on the work at hand, without feeling overwhelmed.

No task is too big for us, let us help you get that project started!


RENOVATION BEFORE / AFTERKitchen and Dinning Area Renovation

Unity completely remodeled our master bath. We were having a hard time getting my mom in and out of the tub so they came in and perfectly aligned it all and made the space work so we could help her out. Thank you!!

Unity General Construction
Mrs Mery
Rosenberg, Tx

I used Unity General Construction about a year ago. Recently one of my friends was asking for someone to do their driveway and I still had their card. They did an awesome job both on mine and my friend’s project

Unity General Construction
Julian E
The Woodlands, Tx

Thank you for the amazing service. We are very grateful for your wonderful honest service and A+ quality!
Catherine Jane
Sugar Land, Tx

They started with bedroom renovation over the summer and did an excellent job from start to finish.
Carolyn Wintner
Houston, Tx

They did a great job on the remodeling ...and very quickly too. I am thrilled with having my new porch done.
Michael Doe
Houston, Tx

Recomiendo ampliamente a UGC, son muy profesionales y rapidos. El Sr William personalmente supervisó que todos los trabajos esten nien hechos.

Gracias Sr William sos completo.

Unity General Construction
Rodmy Escobar
Houston, Tx

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How Much Does It Cost To Remodel Multiple Rooms?

National Average$45,376
Typical Range$18,473 - $74,728
Low End$3,700
High End$150,000


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