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Fort Worth New Concrete Installation

When installed correctly, a fresh new slab of concrete can be a beautiful thing. The only problem is that too many home and business owners in Fort Worth make the mistake of thinking they can do it themselves. And while everyone can certainly watch a YouTube tutorial on how to mix, pour and install new concrete installations on their property, to make it truly stunning and the envy of the whole neighborhood hire the professionals at Unity General Construction LLC.

For years, when Fort Worth residents require high-quality contracting services, they call (832) 598-2774—especially when they need their new concrete installation, whether it is a new driveway, sidewalk, retaining wall, steps, etc., to be worth every penny.

If you are thinking about a new concrete installation in your home or business, we’ll be glad to give you a complimentary consultation so that you can be sure you’re making the best choice.

Why Choose Concrete?

Concrete is one of the most commonly used building materials because it doesn’t burden building owners with the need for constant repair and maintenance. It’s long-lasting, versatile and cost-effective nature has made it incredibly popular and definitely something you should consider getting installed in your home. Below are just a few reasons why you should consider a new concrete installation for your next home improvement project.


When a contractor uses concrete, you know that it has been built to last. As far as building materials go, it is one of the best to use simply because it is so durable. It can resist weathering, erosion and only needs a few repairs here and there in its usual 100-years of service lifespan. Wood typically only lasts approximately 50 years when it is used as a building material and steel and masonry both have a projected life expectancy of around 77 years. If you want your construction to stand the test of time, a concrete installation is the way to go.


Concrete structures are among the most efficient and cost-effective means of constructing energy-efficient structures. It could save you up to 20% of the total construction cost because it can harvest natural energy sources.


Because it does not rot, mold or burn, concrete is one of the safest materials available to us today. And because contractors such as ourselves have been mixing concrete for centuries, it is a known quantity. Unlike with newer construction materials, we know how concrete ages and there are no hidden side effects from coming into regular contact with it.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete, also known as textured concrete, is concrete that replicates stones that often serves as an excellent accent for pool decks, driveways, entrances, courtyards and patios. Unity General Construction, LLC can provide Fort Worth clients with a wide array of colors and patterns to give their new concrete installation a natural look.

For a free estimate of your stamped concrete project or to speak to one of the designers we work with, please call (832) 598-2774 today.