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Fort Worth Fence Painting

Because Unity General Construction LLC is known around Fort Worth for our fence installation services, we are often contacted by home and business owners who are ready to rip out their old fence and install a new one. However, most of the time, when we show up in-person, we see that there’s nothing structurally wrong with the fence. All it needs is a fresh coat of paint.

That is why Unity General Construction LLC is available to paint your Fort Worth fence when all it needs is a little tender love and care. If your fence could use a fresh coat, call (832) 598-2774 to get a free estimate on our fence painting services.

Why Should I Paint My Fence?

A fresh coat of paint can totally change your perception of your fence. When your fence’s color starts to fade and it looks like it’s sagging down into the ground, it rarely needs a full facelift. Unity General Construction LLC’s fence painting is all you need for it to look as good as new.

Whenever our contractors are tasked with painting a fence, we begin by pressure washing the surface. That gray, lackluster layer that’s been rocked by the elements year after year is typically hiding a fresh layer of wood. With the pressure washer’s power, this can be as easy as hosing down your truck.

Once all the dirt and grime has been blasted off with the pressure washer, we will then stain the freshly cleaned wood to prolong its lifespan. With the fence finally cleaned and stained, we will fix or replace any damaged boards, refasten loose boards and countersink any problematic nails. Any repairs required are included in Unity’s initial price because our business is built on customer satisfaction and there’s nothing that makes customers more dissatisfied than hidden fees or items on the bill they can’t identify.

Once cleaned, stained and repaired, we will begin repainting your fence in the color of your choice.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us today and ask us anything.

We can paint your wooden, vinyl or metal fence. Simply let us know what type of fence we’ll be working with and we’ll handle the rest.

Painting vs. Staining

Confused by what people mean when they say they are choosing to stain their fences rather than paint them? Here’s a quick breakdown of their differences.

Paint can add some much needed color to your property, provides a barrier for the wood against the elements and will last for years. However, it will chip over time, especially if you use regular house paint.

Stains, on the other hand, will not chip. They give fences a much more rustic look because they provide a protective barrier for the wood. However, it can be really difficult to choose what stain you need based on what your fence is made out of.

Luckily, we are experts in both painting and staining fences. So, if you are ever feeling overwhelmed by the options available to you, please give us a call at (832) 598-2774. Our experts are standing by, ready to make sense of this simple yet demanding task.