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San Antonio Fence Installation

Adding a fence to your property can have a number of benefits. It can increase your property’s value, add privacy and security or provide an accent to your landscape design. When San Antonio property owners decide it’s time to add a fence and they want to make sure it can survive the elements as well as stand the test of time, they call Unity General Construction LLC.

Unity General Construction LLC only works with the absolute best San Antonio contractors and construction professionals so that we can make sure our customers are satisfied with their new structures, including fences.

Installing a fence is a relatively simple procedure for our contractors because they have so much experience installing them. When trying to do it yourself, it can be a much more time-consuming and complicated undertaking. Measuring and determining the spacing of posts, preparing holes and posts, setting the posts and attaching the rails are all very labor-intensive tasks and that’s just the physical installation. Before a fence gets installed, there’s always the possibility that it needs to be cleared by the zoning board, permits may need to be obtained the yard marked so the digging doesn’t interfere with any utility lines.

Installing a fence, while seemingly simple on paper, requires a lot of precision and a keen eye for details. Those are two qualities Unity General Construction LLC looks for in every single one of our licensed and bonded contractors. If you want your new fence to be beautiful, functional and built without putting tremendous strain on yourself, then call (832) 598-2774 to get a free estimate on your fence installation project today.

Purpose of Installing a New Fence

When you are thinking about installing a fence on your property, the most important thing to consider is the fence’s purpose. What you hope your fence will do will influence what materials we recommend and how its laid out.

Some of the types of fences you might be interested in include:

Fence Enclosure

A fence enclosure is installed to keep things in or on your property. This is ideal for any property owners that are worried about kids, pets or even livestock wandering off.

Decorative Fences

While these types of fences can certainly provide a little bit of extra privacy and security, their primary function is to make your home beautiful or add to an existing or future landscape design. Think picket or iron fences.

Security Fences

If you want to install a fence for the sole purpose of keeping your home or business free from intruders and trespassers, there are a number of different options we can recommend to you.

Privacy Fences

Need to create an audio and visual barrier between you and your neighbors? A polyvinyl fence might just be what you’re looking for because the lack of space between planks can give you the privacy you desire.

Of course, there are many different options you can choose from. Please call (832) 598-2774 and we can arrange a consultation.